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Training Week: Orientation

This week they put us through the ringer. Mainly by boring us to pure exhaustion.

Next week and the following three years they will continue to put us through the ringer. The first year mainly by working and scaring us to death. The next two years are still a lovely surprise.

We received many free things like food, class aids, pens, highlighters, thumb drives, t-shirts, water bottles, and more.

From my understanding this is just the beginning of free stuff.

To the outside world, this probably looks like it pays to be a law student. False. You’re paying basically what would be your full salary for your first three years practicing to be here.

This is just networking by the people that want to suck more money out of you once you leave school (endowment for the law school, bar prep companies, etc).

I am convinced that I go to an incredible law school, please don’t misinterpret my harshness as dislike for my school. Just dislike of the system in general.

Now, during orientation I’m sure we learned many valuable things.

I highly doubt any of the tributes remember them.

When you’re about to battle for your life, the speech from the diversity office just doesn’t really make a lasting impact. You’re trying to listen to everyone because you know all of the information is valuable in its own right and will help you survive in the arena, but it’s just too much.

You have to pick and choose.

And you have to take notes.

Lots of notes.

That is one very practical lesson taught during orientation; taking truly good notes is an invaluable skill in the arena. It can make the difference between staying alive and being an image in the sky at the end of the day. And no one wants that cannon shot to be for them.


Capital Sponsors

I wasn’t aware that law schools did stuff like this.

I wasn’t really aware that anywhere did stuff like this.

Recently I received a letter in the mail from a school telling me that if I applied and was accepted I would receive a full scholarship. It proceeded to tell me that the scholarship would be annually renewable as long as I stayed in the top 40% of the class.

Let’s be honest. If they’re sending me a letter like this I will have no problem being accepted. So the letter was basically an offer of a full scholarship.

It would be one thing if this were a terrible school, but they’re not. They are in the top 100 law schools ranked by U.S. News.

Also, I would not be so surprised if previously I had any contact with them before this letter. I haven’t.

So basically, they are so desperate to fill their class that they looked at a list of LSAT scores and GPAs and sent out these offers hoping for the best.

I might have taken it, if it hadn’t been in one of the most dangerous places in America.