Tips for Current or Future Tributes:

Get a mentor. Got one? Get another. Doesn’t matter if they’re a peer, professional, teacher, or some stranger you met in the hallway who you know is in law school too. Get a mentor. Get more than one. Get as many as you can. And then…

Use them. Ask them questions. People that are attracted to the law love to be asked their opinion on basically everything. You could ask them about almost anything and you’d have a decent conversation going right there. I mean you should probably ask them about the law and/or law school, but you could get away with almost any topic. (But be smart and be appropriate, c’mon, it’s grad school.)

Why? Because we think we’re really smart. And we are. Smart. Maybe not all really smart. But we have reason to believe that we’re smart. We’re in law school or went to law school. Getting into law school takes intelligence and dedication. The smallest amount you’ll have to put forth through the entire legal process. Because the longer you’re in school, the more intelligence and dedication it will take. And, while this is just a guess it’s probably a good one, the practice of law will be the same. Which means that mentors, the people who have been doing this longer than you, will have more intelligence and dedication than you. They can help guide you to get it too. And trust me, they want to. You’ll be in their profession some day and they want to make their lives and yours as easy as possible.

Intelligence and Dedication. If you don’t have some, get some. And while you’re at it, get a mentor.


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