Just another day in the life

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I have never worked this hard.

Law school is a trip.

It’s definitely more of a sprinting marathon than either a sprint or a marathon alone.

Sure, you start off slower. To get warmed up and dream about a nice pace to keep, but then suddenly it’s like the tortoise and the hare. And nobody wants to be slow, so everyone starts sprinting (not to mention the course load makes you go faster too).

Part of me wonders if everyone will be able to keep up with the pace they’re going at now. I mean some people are there from 8 am to 6 pm just doing work, and to be honest I’m not sure we’ve had enough work yet to warrant that schedule.

Maybe it’s just me. I’m more of a deadline person. Give me a deadline and I’ll put in the work, whatever the time commitment required, to get the job done by the deadline. Possibly an hour before, but I probably won’t get it to you like a week before it’s due.

I’m a procrastinator. My legal research and writing professor told me and my fellow procrastinators not to worry as we are entering a field of procrastinators — the most common motion filed in the United States is a motion for continuance, because the lawyers just aren’t prepared on time.

However, like I said, I’m a deadline tribute. So I’m hoping I wouldn’t be a motion of continuance tribute because I slacked and didn’t get the work done on time.

Anyway, I’ve really gone off topic. But pulling it all together, I’m a procrastinator so I’m not used to accomplishing the same volume of work that I have in six weeks in any other semester of my academic career.

I started outlining for finals like three weeks ago. That is incredibly unlike me. In fact, I’m surprised any of my friends have believed me. I’m the “ok, let’s learn this” in the last 72 hours before an exam type tribute.

Law school is a trip.

And it’s definitely one you can’t get through without quite a bit of change in yourself and your habits.


  • I see more people from my section than any other group of 1L tributes at the law school after hours and on weekends.
  • I was told my section had the most careers, but for the sake of retaining my sanity I didn’t want to believe it.

Hold up,

  • I’m at the law school on a Sunday.
  • In a study room by myself.
  • I’ve been here for over two hours.
  • Does that make me a career?

Decided answer: No, because it is not my sole desire in life to perform better than anyone else and come out as the tribute on top.

It’s a dream, but not sole desire status.

What happens after a day full of three substantive classes…

And separate review sessions for those classes.
Torts, Crim, and Civ Pro, I’m lookin’ at you.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are rough.

Just another day in the arena…

After realizing I need to know something, but neglected to put it in my notes…

The Gamemakers

So sorry I’ve been MIA for what seems like a month, but the Gamemakers have been keeping me pretty busy.

They’re funny ones, the Gamemakers. They give you just enough of an idea of the work you have to do, and then just stop. For example, I have no idea what the work is for half my classes next week and one professor just gives us the work a class at a time.

At first, I felt like I understood what was going on, like I could do this. Then, they just pull the rug out from under you.

It’s like starting someone on a treadmill at level 1, then out of nowhere jacking it up to 5, psyching them out because they know at any second you’ll move it on up to 10. And then you’re sprinting to finals. (with everyone else trying to trip you or shiv you, depending on how nice they are).

Now, I feel like they’re drowning me.

In information.

If all my classes were different colors, the Gamemakers are having a fun time tie-dying my brain.

It’s a love/hate relationship with the Gamemaker. I love them because they’re awesome, and do care about the success of the tributes.

I hate that they make everything I know confusing, and make me feel that I really don’t know anything, but at the same time I know so much.

Tribute Tip: Don’t volunteer. If you do, get sponsored. And start making allies.Fast.


Watch out for them.

Some are loud.

Some wait for a sneak attack.

Either way, they are out to get you. Out to end your time as tribute.

We call them gunners. And unless you’re a gunner, everyone dislikes you. Even the professors.

And if you’re a gunner, other gunners dislike you too.

It’s not worth it to be a career.

Be stealth and deadly, like my hero, Katniss.

Don’t forget, Katniss killed all the careers.

Entering the Arena

The first day.

Fear.Anxiety. Terror. Excitement. Anticipation.

It was exciting and scary.

I felt the need to be on my guard, to protect myself from any mischievousness of other tributes.

Luckily, I had only one class the first day and it was pretty simple. Lawyering Process.  It basically teaches you the mechanics of being a lawyer. Writing memos, case analyses, appeals, briefs, etc.

The second day was worse: Torts, Civil Procedure (Civ Pro), and Criminal Law (Crim Law).

Luckily for the first two they were more syllabus days since our professors didn’t give us advanced assignments. Civ Pro was our mock class during orientation, so we just kept on going.

First week in the arena was doable.