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Just another day in the life

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Training Schedule

I just returned from a month-long summer staff position at a Young Life camp in Canada called Malibu Club. It was fantastic! I worked in the kitchen all month (not so fantastic) and met lifelong friends while experiencing the joy of watching kids learn about Jesus and give their lives to Him.

Malibu Club is in the middle of nowhere, so I had zero access to outside information (no phone, no internet, etc.). When I returned to the real world and turned my phone on I was greeted with the fact that my classes for this Fall were posted.

A class schedule is very much like the training schedule for the victors. If surviving classes and finals are our versions of the Games, the class schedule is our guide to training. Unfortunately, I do not get to master subjects like camouflage, archery, or knot-tying. This Fall I will be taking Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Lawyering Process I, and Torts. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm (ok, there may be a little sarcasm there; but I’m also truly excited).

One of the most surprising aspects was my near panic attack when I saw my classes. Suddenly the fact that I was a 1L was so very real, and the feeling of my impending doom began to spread throughout my body.

Luckily, before the final battle, we have an entire semester to master the material (and by master I mean learn enough not to fail).

My sister, who just finished her 1L year, told me some advice that I chose as my new mantra: “Stupider people than you do it every year.”

Thanks, sis.

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The Reaping

Every year thousands of young Americans (and students of other nationalities) say to themselves, “hey, I think I’m going to go to law school”. Are those students aware of the consequences of their decision? Some are, some are in for a giant surprise. I think that most of the “events” that happen in the law school process can be compared to the Hunger Games series and through this blog I’m going to try to do just that. Also, it’s much more fun to talk about it like this than sticking to the pure reality. So here it goes…

One part in every potential law student’s journey is the Reaping.

It’s that time when they put their name into all their desired institutions’ acceptance/rejection pools. The difference between us and children in Panem? We want our names to be picked. We want the chance to endure that special level of hell called 1L year.

My reaping process can be seen on my other blog (Finding Joy) but here are the highlights:

  • I applied to 10 law schools all over the country.
  • I was rejected by 2.
  • Accepted by 5, wait listed by 3, but then accepted by one of those.
  • I was offered over $200,000 in scholarships
  • After contemplating all my offers, I chose the University of Denver (no scholarship money, but I have my reasons)
  • I am so excited (and terrified, that’s normal, right?..I thought so)

Now that the reaping is over and the arena has been chosen I’m ready for the next part of the games.

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